Lõnga-Liisu’s handicraft

OÜ Lõnga-Liisu is located in Lääne-Viru county in Pajusti near Rakvere on the second floor of a clubhouse on the edge of an ancient oak-wood. There are our work rooms and the salesroom of samples.

We are in business since the year 2000. Right now we provide work for 8 local women (weavers and seamstresses). All of our models are designed by ourselves and we are constantly developing new styles.

We have sold our products in Estonia, America, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Russia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania. At the moment, our knitting mostly go to America.

Since 2000, we have participated at the Lübeck Christmas Market in Germany, which is the oldest of its kind in Europe. In 2012, Lüneburg in Germany added as a new fair.

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In Estonia, we mostly participate in fairs that take place in Tallinn Town Hall Square (for example, the Medieval fair); in November the St Martins Day Fair.

Lõnga Liisu’s products can be bought straight from our salesroom, they can also be ordered all year round from our e-store.