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Weaver’s touchstone, matched soft tones

Weaver’s touchstone, matched soft tones


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Poncho with fringes in thick weave.

One size S – L.

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  • Wash woolen clothes as rarely as possible, rather air them out.
  • Wash woolen items separately from other textiles. The washing water has to be lukewarm, preferably 30°C.
  • Use detergents and conditioner  meant for woolen clothes, preferably ones that contain lanolin.
  • When hand-washing, avoid rubbing, wash by gently massaging. Rinse carefully. Squeeze the excess water out.
  • Dry the knitwear on a flat surface and not at excessive heat.
  • When washing in a machine, use the most gentle mode with the temperatuure being 30°C.
  • The shape of the item can be adjusted by moistly and lightly steaming it.
  • The maintenance instructions are also printed on the label of the item.


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